Ultra-Quiet 2 Nylon Garage Door Roller Review

Ultra-Quiet 2 Nylon Garage Door Roller

Nylon Garage Door Roller is available with 13-ball bearings and 4″ stem. This product is very usefulUltra-Quiet-2-Nylon-Garage-Door-Roller for the garage doors. The smooth 13-ball bearing is very helpful and it reduces the friction that is caused because of the roller and shaft. If there is no ball bearing system, the garage doors are not quiet and make heavy sounds while opening and closing. But if you install this ball bearing nylon garage door roller, it makes your garage door much quieter. This roller has very less sound as compared to the original rollers of the garage doors. They are quieter because of some reasons. The extra lubrication is done. This is an ultra quiet roller that you will love after you will check it. There are 10 rollers in the pack. If you find some extra sound from the rollers, you need to check them out and oil them. But these usually last for a very long period of time. And you do not need to lubricate them very often.

Nylon Garage Door Roller is must have for quieter doors. Everyone love to get rid of noise and here is the solution for getting rid of your garage door noise. This will help you very much. If you go home late at night and you do not disturb everyone by noise of your garage door. Then this is the perfect solution for you. The shaft of the roller is 4-5/8″ long and 7/16″ thick. While the wheel of roller has 1/2″ shoulder, 1/2″ thickness and 1-13/16″ diameter.

Product Description:

The Nylon Garage Door Roller is a perfect replacement for your old and noicy garage door roller. The 13-ball bearing is enough for a quieter and smooth garage door. There will be no noise while opening and closing your garage door. These rollers are very easy to install. You can install them in an hour. This is simply a perfect idea to reduce your garage door opening and closing noise by 75%.

The manufacturers of DURA-BILT Ultra-Quiet 2″ Nylon Garnoiage Door Roller with 13-Ball Bearing & 4″ Stem 10-Pack are offering one year warranty. The satisfaction is guaranteed and you will surely be satisfied with the performance of these rollers.


Technical Details:

  • 13-ball bearing with nylon wheel work together for very quiet operation of door
  • Lubrication groove is there for the dispersion of lubricating oil
  • The shaft is 4-5/8″ long and 7/16″ thick
  • The wheel has 1/2″ shoulder, 1/2″ thickness and 1-13/16″ diameter
  • You can install these rollers on either side of your garage door
  • The part number and item model number of this product is GDR2IN13
  • Dimensions are 6.7 x 4.9 x 2.4 inches
  • Made up of stainless steel that lasts for a long time
  • One year warranty if some manufacturer defect occurs
  • Item weight is 2.5 pounds
  • Total shipping weight is 3 pounds
  • No batteries are required or included in the kit
  • ASIN is B016VNU14E
Brand Durabilt
Product Dimensions 6.7 x 4.9 x 2.4 inches
Item Weight 2.5 ounces
Price $ 15.99
Shaft Size 4-5/8″
Wheel Size 1/2″ Shoulder
Thickness 1/2″
Diameter 1-13/16″
Warranty 1 Yr
Customer Rating 4.6/5 By 147 Customers


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